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10 Reasons Why CODING ROCKS

10 Reasons Why CODING ROCKS

I reeeeeeeally like coding, I don’t know if it’s the late night coffees and the adrenaline when you finally make something that works. I really don’t know what it is… Or maybe I do…

Here’s my background in coding:

  • Created websites in HTML and CSS using Dreamweaver in middle school
  • Created “Pong” in actionscript in high school
  • Took intro to programming in college(Actually we learned more about algorithms, the language was C)
  • Created a fake news website by just changing the source code in Chrome, then printing the screen and putting on WhatsApp groups telling that it had been a problem in transportation. Fooled some of the people…
  • Started coding (and building!) robots in a robotics competition team that went on to become one of the best in Latin America and in the world(Robogames) – Mainly used C and C++
  • Learned to build simple android apps(haven’t finished the course yet) – Mainly in Java
  • Learned to create a simple 2 degree-of-freedom robot arm using Matlab(kind-a cool, check my Youtube channel for more details) – Matlab has it’s own programming language
  • Learned to create a simple neural network (on Machine Learning at Coursera, haven’t finished the course either) – Matlab again
  • Now I’m into building better looking websites and learning more about python and machine learning – HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and Python for the rescue, I do have one year to learn it all…

So I’d be kidding myself if I told you, or even me, that I haven’t found my “thing” yet. I know I like coding, I just haven’t built enough projects that are fully dependable on me. That is why I’m taking a year off competing in robotics challenges. I want to be completely selfish and learn for my own sake for a while.

So… Why is coding awesome? Let’s begin…

#1 – After a while you become a magician…

#2 – You get to do Art

#3 – You get to build things other people can use

#4 – You feel proud of yourself

#5 – You feel challenged

#6 – You understand the world of computing

#7 – You get to work alongside brilliant people

#8 – You get to learn new ways to problem solve

#9 – It may become an obsession

#10 – It only gets better with time

#11 – There is always the possibility of building something that will make you rich, or at least richER

#12 – You can suck at math and still do it(like me and my 10 reasons…)