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Who Do You Want to Be?

Who Do You Want to Be?

There are many paths in life. What happens when you chose one?

The monk.

The entrepreneur.

Concern yourself to the present moment.

Concern yourself to the impact you want to have in the world.

Love. Loving kindness.

Focus. Intense Focus.



Love while you can, express that love whenever possible. Don’t hold back, no matter what, love when it’s there.

Hold back. Not everyone needs to hear what you feel deep down. Love can be a fuel for growth, but not when not inside a large view purpose.

“May All Beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated, liberated. May all beings share my harmony, my peace, my Dharma”.

“If something is important enough, I’d do it regardless of the probability of success”.





Focus on now, and accept things as they are.

Focus on the future, and do the impossible to make a change for the better.

What happens if I wanna do both?

What happens then?

He who chases two rabbits, catches none.

And yet, here I am, chasing 5 rabbits.

I’ve got a lot to think about.

I’m stuck between trying to be somebody and accepting who I am as I am.




Effort without stopping.

Stopping to help others.

When to do what?