The Most Boring Article About Second Order Thoughts You'll Ever Read 🧐

What unknown side effects can my action cause?

The Most Boring Article About Second Order Thoughts You'll Ever Read 🧐

There’s a difference between reasoning from one cause to one effect and reasoning from a place of “what does this effect cause?”

Things aren’t as simple in life as happening in a closed environment.

A causes B. We can be sure of this, but that does not mean B can’t cause C, D, and E.

In mathematics, we have the relationship between one cause and one effect, one cause, and multiple effects.

But in the real world, we can hardly figure out a single cause for something.

Sometimes we have multiple causes for a single effect or numerous causes for various effects.

Exercising second-order thinking means not ignoring the other effects that can happen along the way.

It means opening your mind to the possibility that A causes B and that causes C and D.

That can bring some unknown damage in the future.

Open your mind to the possibilities of unseen dangers.

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