NestJS File Upload Multiple File Type Verification

Simple solution for multiple file validation upon upload with NestJS

NestJS File Upload Multiple File Type Verification
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I had this problem limiting the types of files going to the backend using Nestjs.

So I built a custom validator, here's how it looks:

import {BadRequestException, Injectable, PipeTransform} from '@nestjs/common';
import {extname} from 'path';

export function getFileValidator(): PipeTransform {
	return new ParseFilePipeDocument();

export class ParseFilePipeDocument implements PipeTransform {
	private readonly allowedExtensions = [ '.png', '.pdf', '.jpeg', '.jpg'];
	transform(value: Express.Multer.File): Express.Multer.File {
		const extension = extname(value.originalname);
		if(!this.allowedExtensions.includes(extension)) {
			throw new BadRequestException(`File type ${extension} not supported`);
		return value;


And here's how I use it in my Controller class:

export class ExampleController {
		private readonly exampleService: ExampleService
	) {}

	async createDocument(
		@Body() createDocDto: CreateDocumentDTO,
		@UploadedFile(getFileValidator()) document: Express.Multer.File
	) {
		return this.exampleService.uploadDocument(document);


Pretty neat hm?

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