Light the Fire

Light the Fire

Don’t Try.

Do it.

There is no other way.

And there never was.

Don’t try.


And in order to just be.

You need to put in the work.

Work at it.


Because there are things that never change, never.

Vices, and bad habits.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, videogames, social media, parties, buying clothes, cars.

They never change.

Until they do.

And they do at the moment you realize all they are is addiction to sensations.


Sensation of pleasure of the senses.

And it doesn’t matter what triggers pleasure.

It is the same hormones that you are addicted to.

It isn’t drugs, it isn’t other people that is ruining your life.

The moment you realize you need to voluntarily take on the burdens and pains of life and learn to be comfortable with uncomfortable.

Only then.

Things change.

And when they do.

It won’t matter the back pain, the headache, the cold, the flu, the cancer, the alzheimer, the loss of a friend, of a parent.

All that will matter is that you DO.

All that will matter is to set up, better yet, light up the fire.

And get it as hot as you can, while you still can.

Burn high and bright.

Burn high.

Using your existence as a human being to create something.

Put humanity in something that doesn’t have any.

Writing books.

Writing code.


Project management.


Do what lights your soul on fire.

And let the fire consume you.


Or you can choose to live regularly.

Perhaps you are one of the few that can achieve both.

If you are. Congratulations.

If you aren’t. Are you sure?