I will take the Ring

I will take the Ring

I will take the Ring, although I do not know the way.


So I have about 3 days to make up my mind about something.

I got accepted to TrepCamp, entrepreneur program in Silicon Valley.

Now just to make the situation clearer, some backstory.

Silicon Valley

“Lucas is gonna be rich like Bill Gates” – He said.

I shun away. “Yeah right”.

That was in 8th grade. Middle School. Couple of friends talking about me not seeming interested in women at the moment. They said I would have any woman I wanted once I got rich.

I guess I confused them a lot back then. I wouldn’t explicit tell any of them if I thought some girl was ‘hot’. But I assure you I was the most confused about ‘Bill Gates’ guy.

Since that day, I started looking for ‘Bill Gates’ and entrepreneurs like him.

It’s one of those moments when something deeply illogical about yourself becomes clear to you, or at least clearer.

There is no reason for me at all to feel connected to these people. I haven’t got to the conclusion that I must be an entrepreneur by logic.

It’s just that I’m sailing on a boat, and the wind is making me drift towards a certain direction. I can either sail against it, or with it.

After Bill I became close with Steve Jobs through internet, books, movies. It is still my main model for an entrepreneur.


I’m still not certain about many things in my life. But I’ve had new glimpses of what I need to do.

I failed every single job interview, job application so far. But I got into TrepCamp.

I don’t feel particular strong about my entrepreneur skills, maybe that’s for the better. So I don’t become arrogant.

I also am in the process of negotiating with a guy from Microsoft about a deal that could, maybe, allow us together to change the world for the better.

I still have much to learn. So little time.

But as someone once said.

“I will take the Ring,” he said, “though I do not know the way.”

I will do the jump, although I do not know how to fall.


“Every second a year passes.” I have this in my head, and from my experience, I will come to understand this after some long period of time.

Every second a year passes.