Great Speakers

Great Speakers

Unholy lives.

It is very dangerous to let yourself be lured in by great speakers.

It is wiser instead to look at their lives, and see it for yourself if their lives(not their words) is something you’d like for yourself.

If you see a guy full of wisdom in his words, speaking about how to be happy and how to accept nature and living accordingly to the Tao.

Someone who people call enlightened.

Someone that manages to change the way people think about life.

Gets people to understand Buddhism and Zen.


That same someone can’t manage to raise 3 kids.

3 divorces.

Chronic alcoholism.


Dying miserable.

Are their words really that remarkable?

People say you shouldn’t judge the messager, but the message.

However, the same mind that came up with those beautiful words, is also the same that couldn’t help itself sleep with college girls after every lecture he gave.

The same mind that made him an alcoholic.

Whatever it is that his mind focused on.

It turned him into what he became.

And at the same time.

You have someone that gave up his artistic side to focus on Money.

Someone that is often rude and turns life into a lifelong pursuit of money and business.

Who say that you shouldn’t get married unless you plan on having children.

Who says fuck love, you should get a prenup.

Now I’m not sure about his personal life.


If it is good.

Isn’t that the message?

Isn’t the message the way of living, instead of the words spoken?

For those that don’t understand the parallels. I’m not sure it matters the names of the people involved.

But to clarify.

I’m talking about Alan Watts and Kevin O’ Leary.

Two polar opposites in my opinion.

And I have admired both.