Afraid of Hoping

Afraid of Hoping

Allowing yourself to think about what you want in clear terms.

If you define a goal or an objective, then you define the environment and the conditions for failure.

And that is scary.

Specially if you don’t feel capable of achieving it.

So it’s easier to not have a clear picture.

So you won’t ever know when you are failing.

The funny thing about it, is that you end up feeling like a failure all of the time.

And even worst, you won’t know why.

You take away your own power.

What to do instead?

Pick a challenge, specially if it’s something that you see people around you doing(so you are picking something that is possible) but you believe it to be impossible for you to do.

Fix something around you that bothers you.

There is no difference between what you feel and you.

If you feel you aren’t capable, you aren’t.

I’m not talking about results here.

I’m talking about taking charge over your mind.

You are what you believe you are.

And if you become better as a result of believing, then you reinforce that belief.

But it must start as a belief.

Logic is a great tool, but just like science, it is not capable of choosing it’s own priority.

It only works in a well defined space where there are well defined rules and where the priority is clear, or where the goal is clear.

In an unknown environment, there are other tools to use: creativity, emotional responses, observation and belief.

And what is hope, if not just another tool humans have for venturing into the unknown?